Being an independent artist is hard work, there is no marketing team, no content creation assistant and no big record label budget to pay for advertising or music promotion, if you like my music and want to show support for what I do, then there are three really simple ways you can help.

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    Doing any of these three things shows your support and that means a huge amount to me, I am extremely grateful for it.
    Thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned for more music! :D


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DC Appreciate That T-shirt


"Can I use your music IN MY VIDEO?"

All of the details are here: WWW.CANIUSEYOURMUSIC.COM

"Can you play any instruments?"

I used to be a Drummer in a Funk band, I still play from time to time but I got tired of lugging a Drum Kit around and turned to Music Production instead. I can also play a little Piano, Guitar and usually anything that I can get my hands on.

"Do you do anything else?"

In between eating and sleeping, I pretty much spend most
of my time writing music, it’s the one thing that I have always
had a serious passion for and apart from chilling on a beach somewhere, I can't think of much else I'd choose to do, I do also play around with Photography, Graphic Design and Videography, I'd like to spend more time creating videos, but all roads end up leading back to writing music.

"I want to make music, what should I do?"

I love my Maschine and think it is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into making music, it's really simple to pick up, user friendly and I guarantee you will make your first loop in an afternoon.

You should also listen to a lot of music in a lot of styles, inspiration can come from anywhere and you can learn a lot by listening to anything, even how not to do something! If you are a little deeper into music production then my advice is to be self critical, listen carefully and objectively to your own music and learn from your mistakes.

There are plenty of music production/mixing tutorials (good and bad) on Youtube, watch them all, learn everything about Compression and EQ, then go back and learn about Compression and EQ again, did I mention Compression and EQ?

Above all else, just create music with the tools you have to hand, if you only have a tin bucket, a guitar with 2 strings and a croaky voice, use them!

"HOW DO YOU create your music?"

My setup is intentionally simple, I find trying to get the best out of what you have makes you work harder to progress.

I mainly use Maschine and Logic Pro, I love Maschine for it's ease of turning an idea into creation so quickly, I can load it up, get a few sounds and start to turn that annoying tune that I have buzzing around in my head into reality.


There are some amazing free audio plug-ins available, I’ve put together a list of many that I have found.


I use a digital distributor called Distrokid, you pay a yearly fee and upload your releases to them, then they do all the hard work of getting them in the stores! If you want to release your own music, you should definitely check them out and if you use the link below you will get an extra discount.


If you have a question that you think should be answered here, please CONTACT ME.


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